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Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University

Toshiki Sugimoto (Assistant Professor)

Field of Expertise
Physical chemistry of surface and interface
Condensed matter spectroscopy
Atomic and Molecular Physics
Vacuum science
Research Interests
  1. Photocatalytic water splitting
  2. Adsorption and condensation of water (liquid/ice) on solid surfaces
  3. Order-disorder transition of hydrogen-bonded ferroelectrics
  4. Nuclear/electron Spin conversion in molecules
  5. Flow dynamics of adsorptive gases
Recent papers
Original Papers
  • N. Aiga, *T. Sugimoto, Y. Otsuki, K. Watanabe & Y. Matsumoto; Origins of emergent high-Tc ferroelectric ordering in heteroepitaxial ice film: Sum-frequency generation spectroscopy of H2O and D2O ice films on Pt(111) (submitted)
  • K. Shirai, G. Fazio, *T. Sugimoto, D. Selli, L. Ferraro, K. Watanabe, M. Haruta, B. Ohtani, H. Kurata, C. Di Valentin & Y. Matsumoto; Water-assisted hole trapping at highly curved surface of nano-TiO2 photocatalyst (submitted).
  • *T. Sugimoto, Y. Kunisada & K. Fukutani; Inelastic Electron Tunneling Mediated by Molecular Quantum Rotator(submitted).
  • S. Tanaka, M. Petrovic, K. Watanabe, P. Lazic, M. Kralj, *T. Sugimoto & Y. Matsumoto; Excitation of graphene plasmons at visible frequencies (submitted).
  • M. Yabuta, A. Takeda, *T. Sugimoto, K. Watanabe, A. Kudo & Y. Matsumoto; Particle size dependence of carrier dynamics and reactivity of photocatalyst BiVO4 probed with single-particle transient absorption microscopy J. Phyc. Chem. C(to be accepted).
  • O. Yuji, *T. Sugimoto, T. Ishisyama, A. Morita, K. Watanabe & Y. Matsumoto; Unveiling subsurface hydrogen-bond structure of hexagonal water ice. Phys. Rev. B 96, 115405 (2017). [DOI: https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevB.96.115405]
  • T. Hama, S. Ishizuka, T. Yamazaki, Y. Kimura, A. Kouchi, N. Watanabe, *T. Sugimoto, V. Pirronello; Fast crystalline ice formation at extremely low temperature through water/neon matrix sublimation. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 19, 17677-17684 (2017). [DOI: 10.1039/C7CP03315J],
    – Selected as "2017 PCCP HOT Articles"
  • K. Miyata, Y. Kurashige, K. Watanabe, *T. Sugimoto, S. Tanaka, J. Takeya, T. Yanai & Y. Matsumoto; Coherent singlet fission activated by symmetry breaking. Nature Chem. (2017).[DOI: doi:10.1038/nchem.2784]
    – Press release [http://www.sci.kyoto-u.ac.jp/ja/news/detail_528.html]
  • K-I.Inoue, K. Watanabe, *T. Sugimoto, Y. Matsumoto & T. Yasuike; Disentangling multidimensional non-equilibrium dynamics of adsorbates: CO desorption from Cu(100). Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 186101 (2016).[DOI:10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.186101]
    – Featured in Physical Reveiw Letters, Viewpoint "The Calisthenics of Surface Femtochemistry" [October26,2016•Physics 9,123]
  • *T. Sugimoto, N. Aiga, Y. Otsuki, K. Watanabe & Y. Matsumoto; Emergent high-Tc ferroelectric ordering of strongly correlated and frustrated protons in a heteroepitaxial ice film. Nature Phys. 12, 1063–1068 (2016) [DOI:10.1038/nphys3820]
    – Featured in Nature Physics, News and Views "Thermodynamics of ice: Not obeying the rules" 12, 996–997 (2016) [DOI:10.1038/nphys3853
    – Press release [http://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/ja/research/research_results/2016/160726_2.html]
  • S. Tanaka, K. Miyata, *T. Sugimoto, K. Watanabe, T. Uemura, J. Takeya & Y. Matsumoto; Enhancement of the Exciton Coherence Size in Organic Semiconductor by Alkyl-Chain Substitution. J. Phys. Chem. C 120, 7941-7948 (2016). [DOI:10.1021/acs.jpcc.5b12686]
  • K. Shirai, *T. Sugimoto, K. Watanabe, M. Haruta, H. Kurata & Y. Matsumoto; Effect of Water Adsorption on Carrier Trapping Dynamics at the Surface of Anatase TiO2 Nanoparticles. Nano Lett. 16, 1323-1327 (2016). [DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.5b04724]
  • K. Miyata, S. Tanaka, Y. Ishino, K. Watanabe, T. Uemura, J. Takeya, *T. Sugimoto, Y. Matsumoto; Microscopic hole transfer efficiency in organic thin film transistors studied with charge modulation spectroscopy, Phys. Rev. B 91, 195306 (2015). [DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevB.91.195306]
  • K. Miyata, S. Tanaka, *T. Sugimoto, K. Watanabe, T. Uemura, J. Takeya, & Y. Matsumoto; Coherent Phonon Dynamics in Singlet Fission of Rubrene Single Crystal, Springer Proceedings in Physics, 162, 218-221 (2015).
  • M. Yabuta, T. Takayama, K. Shirai, K. Watanabe, A. Kudo, *T. Sugimoto & Y. Matsumoto; Effects of cocatalyst on carrier dynamics of a titanate photocatalyst with layered perovskite structure. J.Phys.Chem.C 118, 10972 (2014).
  • Y. Ishino, K. Miyata, *T. Sugimoto, K. Watanabe, Y. Matsumoto, T. Uemura & J. Takeya; Ultrafast Exciton Dynamics in Dinaphtho[2,3-b:2’3’-f]thieno[3,2-b]-thiophene Thin Films. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 16, 7501-7512 (2014).
  • *T. Sugimoto & K. Fukutani; Effects of Rotational-Symmetry Breaking on Physisorption of Ortho- and Para-H2 on Noble Metal Surface. Phys. Rev. Lett. 112,146101(2014).
    – Featured in Research Highlights of Asia Pacific Physics Newsletter (World Scientific) 3, 29 (2014).
    – Featured in Advances in Engineering, January 27 2015.
  • N. Aiga, Q. Jia, K. Watanabe, A. Kudo, *T. Sugimoto & Y. Matsumoto; Electron–phonon coupling dynamics at oxygen evolution sites of visible-light-driven photocatalyst: Bismuth vanadate. J. Phys. Chem. C 117, 9881-9886 (2013).
  • *T. Sugimoto, K. Takeyasu & K. Fukutani; Gas dynamics in the vacuum chamber with a single adsorption site on the Wall Surface: Origin of the exponential pressure decay with the time constant of sub-kilo seconds. J. Vac. Soc. Jpn. 56, 322-329 (2013).
  • K. Takeyasu, *T. Sugimoto & K. Fukutani; Analysis of a pumping curve of water with the conversion equation from pressure to adsorption density of states. J. Vac. Soc. Jpn. 56, 457-459 (2013). [invited paper]
  • K. Takeyasu, *T. Sugimoto & K. Fukutani; Analytical Formula for Calculating Adsorption Density of States on Chamber Surfaces from Measured Pressure Change. J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 82, 114602 (2013).
  • Q. Wang, *T. Sugimoto & K. Fukutani; Rotational spectroscopy of HD by laser-induced fluorescence. Seisankenkyu 94, 911-914 (2012).
  • *T. Sugimoto & K. Fukutani; Electric-Field induced nuclear-spin flips mediated by enhanced spin orbit coupling. Nature Phys. 7, 307-310 (2011).
  • Y. Kazama, M. Matsumoto, *T. Sugimoto, T. Okano & K. Fukutani; Low-temperature surface phase and phase transition of physisorbed oxygen on the Ag(111) surface. Phys. Rev. B 84, 064128 (2011).
  • K. Yamakawa, *T. Sugimoto & K. Fukutani; The reflection operation and the Σ term of linear molecules, Mol. Sci. 5, AC0014 (2010).
  • *T. Sugimoto, T. Okano & K. Fukutani; Problem of gas dose with micro-capillary array. J. Vac. Soc. Jpn. 52, 141-144 (2009).

    Review Papers
  • *T. Sugimoto; Infrared spectroscopy of water adsorbates on TiO2-photocatalyst surface that directly contribute to trapping of photo-generated hole. FTIR Talk Lett. 28, 2-7 (2017).
  • *T. Sugimoto & K. Fukutani; Nuclear Spin Dynamics of Molecular Hydrogen Adsorbed on Solid Surfaces –Interdisciplinary Surface Electromagnetic Process-. J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 71, 668-678 (2016). [DOI: 10.11316/butsuri.71.10_668]
  • *T. Sugimoto; Ortho-Para Conversion of Molecular Hydrogen physisorbed on highly-pure amorphous solid water surfaces. Low Temp. Mat. Sci. Kyoto Univ. 26, 10-17 (2015).
  • K. Fukutani & *T. Sugimoto; Physisorption and ortho–para conversion of molecular hydrogen on solid surfaces. Prog. Surf. Sci. 88, 279-348 (2013).
    '03/04-'07/03 Graduate school of science, Kyoto university (B4: Prof. Koichiro Tanaka's group).
    '07/04-'09/03 Master's course, Department of Applied Physics, Graduate School of Engineering/Faculty of Engineering, The Univ. of Tokyo (Prof. Katsuyuki Fukutani's group).
    '09/04-'11/09 Doctoral course, Department of Applied Physics, Graduate School of Engineering/Faculty of Engineering, The Univ. of Tokyo (Prof. Katsuyuki Fukutani's group).
    Academic carriers
    '11/04-'11/09 Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC2), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
    '11/04-'12/02 Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (PD), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
    '12/03-Present Assistant Professor at Kyoto University, Japan
    '16/10-Present Japan Science and Technology Agency PRESTO Researcher
    '08/10 Best Poster Presentation Award, 49th Annual Symposium of the Vacuum Society of Japan.
    '10/07 Best Presentation Award, IIS PhD Student Live 2010.
    '10/12 Student awards, Surface/interface spectroscopy 2010.
    '12/02 Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education [Qingyang Wang], 1st science intercollegiate.
    '14/02 Young Scientist Award, 33rd Annual Meeting of the Surface Science Society of Japan.
    '14/08 39th Vacuum Science Paper Award of the Kumatani Memorial Foundation.
    '14/08 23th Vacuum Society of Japan Award for Innovative Work.
    Scientific Activities
    '13/04-'16/03 Organizing committee, The Kansai branch of the Surface Science Society of Japan
    '14/04-'15/03 Special Researcher, Research Institute of trends in science and technology, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, Japan
    Contact Information
    Phone: 81(Japan)-75-753-4049
    Fax: 81(Japan)- 75-753-4050
    E-mail: toshiki + @kuchem.kyoto-u.ac.jp
    Molecular Spectroscopy laboratory (internal link)
    Matsumoto Research Group web site
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