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Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University

KIM Hyeon-Deuk (Assistant Professor)

Field of Expertise:
Molecular and Material Science, Nonequilibrium Quantum Dynamics, Computational Science
Research Interests:
Photo-induced ultrafast non-adiabatic dynamics, Quantum nonequilibrium dynamics in condensed phases
Recent Papers:
  1. I-Ya Chang, DaeGwi Kim, and Kim Hyeon-Deuk, " Correlated Roles of Temperature and Dimensionality for the Multiple Exciton Generation and Electronic Structures in the Quantum Dot Superlattices ", The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, in press (2019)
  2. Haifei Cao, Zhiyong Lu, Kim Hyeon-Deuk, I-Ya Chang, Yang Wang, Zhifeng Xin, Jingui Duan, and Wanqin Jin, " Enhanced Breakthrough Efficiency by a Chemically Stable Porous Coordination Polymer with Optimized Nanochannel ", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Vol.10, pp 39025 – 39031 (2018)
  3. Kiharu Abe, Shutaro Yamaoka, and Kim Hyeon-Deuk, " Isotopic Effects on Intermolecular and Intramolecular Structure and Dynamics in Hydrogen, Deuterium and Tritium Liquids: Normal Liquid and Weakly and Strongly Cooled Liquids ", The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Vol.122, pp.8233 - 8242 (2018)
  4. I-Ya Chang, DaeGwi Kim, and Kim Hyeon-Deuk, " Control of Multiple Exciton Generation and Electron-Phonon Coupling by Interior Nano Space in Hyper-Structured Quantum Dot Superlattice ", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,Vol.9, pp.32080 - 32088 (2017)
  5. Jingui Duan, Masakazu Higuchi, Jiajia Zheng, Shin-ichiro Noro, I-Ya Chang, Kim Hyeon-Deuk, Simon Mathew, Shinpei Kusaka, Easan Sivaniah, Ryotaro Matsuda, Shigeyoshi Sakaki, and Susumu Kitagawa, " Density Gradation of Open Metal Sites in the Mesospace of Porous Coordination Polymers ", The Journal of American Chemical Society Vol.139, 11576 – 11583 (2017)
  6. Kiharu Abe and Kim Hyeon-Deuk, " Dynamical Ordering of Hydrogen Molecules Induced by a Heat Flux ", Journal of the Physical Chemistry Letters Vol.8, 3595 - 3600 (2017)
  7. Taichi Watanabe, Kohji Takahashi, Kunio Shimura, Hang-Beom Bu, Kim Hyeon-Deuk, DaeGwi Kim, " Synthesis of Type-I CdTe Core and Type-II CdTe/CdS Core/Shell Quantum Dots by a Hydrothermal Method and Their Optical Properties ", Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan Vol.90, 52 - 58 (2017)
  8. Ronald Ulbricht, Shuo Dong, I-Ya Chang, Bala Murali Krishna Mariserla, Keshav M. Dani, Kim Hyeon-Deuk, and Zhi-Heng Loh, " Jahn-Teller-Induced Femtosecond Electronic Depolarization Dynamics of the Nitrogen-Vacancy Defect in Diamond ", Nature Communications Vol.7 13510 (2016)
  9. I-Ya Chang, DaeGwi Kim, and Kim Hyeon-Deuk, " Controls of Electronic Structures and Phonon Dynamics in Quantum Dot Superlattice by Manipulating Interior Nano Space ", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces VOl.8, 18321 - 18327 (2016)
  10. Kim Hyeon-Deuk and Koji Ando, " Distinct Structural and Dynamical Difference between Supercooled and Normal Liquids of Hydrogen Molecules ", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (Communication) Vol.18, 2314 - 2318 (2016)
  11. Kim Hyeon-Deuk and Koji Ando, " Dynamical and Structural Analyses of Solid Hydrogen under Vapor Pressure", The Journal of Chemical Physics (Communication) Vol.143, 171102 (2015)
  12. DaeGwi Kim, Shougo Tomita, Kazuma Ohshiro, Taichi Watanabe, Takenobu Sakai, I-Ya Chang, and Kim Hyeon-Deuk, " Evidence of Quantum Resonance in Periodically-Ordered Three-Dimensional Superlattice of CdTe Quantum Dot ", Nano Letters Vol.15, pp.4343-4347 (2015)
  13. Kim Hyeon-Deuk, Joonghan Kim, and Oleg Prezhdo, " Ab Initio Analysis of Auger-Assisted Electron Transfer", The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters Vol. 6, pp.244-249 (2015)
  14. Kim Hyeon-Deuk and Koji Ando, "Correlations of Intra- and Intermolecular Dynamics and Structure in Liquid para -Hydrogen", Physical Review B Vol.90, 165132 (2014)
  15. Kim Hyeon-Deuk and Koji Ando, "Quantum Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Liquid Para-Hydrogen by Nuclear and Electron Wave Packet Approach," The Journal of Chemical Physics (Rapid Communication) Vol.140, 171101 (2014)
  16. Haiming Zhu, Ye Yang, Kim Hyeon-Deuk, Oleg Prezhdo, Marco Califano, Wengqing Zhang, Tianquan Lian, "Auger-Assisted Electron Transfer from Photoexcited Semiconductor Quantum Dots,"Nano Letters Vol.14, pp.1263-1269 (2014)
  17. Kim Hyeon-Deuk, Yoichi Kobayashi and Naoto Tamai," Photoexcited Electron and Hole Dynamics in Semiconductor Quantum Dots: Phonon-Induced Relaxation, Multiple Exciton Generation and Recombination,"Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, Vol.5 ,pp.99-105 (2014)
  18. Junichi Ono, Kim Hyeon-Deuk and Koji Ando,"Semiquantal Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Hydrogen Bond Dynamics in Water using Spherical Gaussian Wave Packets,"International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, Vol. 113, pp.356-365 (2013)
  19. Kim Hyeon-Deuk and Oleg V. Prezhdo, "Photoexcited electron and hole dynamics in semiconductor quantum dots: phonon-induced relaxation, dephasing, multiple exciton generation and recombination," Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter Vol. 24, 363201 (2012).
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  26. Angeline B. Madrid, Kim Hyeon-Deuk and Oleg V. Prezhdo, “Phonon-induced dephasing of excitons in semiconductor quantum dots multiple exciton generation, fission, and luminescence”, ACS Nano, Vol. 3, 2487 (2009)
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  28. Kim Hyeon-Deuk, Yoshitaka Tanimura and Minhaeng Cho, “Ultrafast exciton-exciton coherence transfer in molecular aggregates and its application to light harvesting systems”, The Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol.127, 075101 (2007)
  29. Kim Hyeon-Deuk and Yoshitaka Tanimura, “Multidimensional infrared spectroscopy for molecular vibrational modes with dipolar interactions, anharmonicity, and nonlinearity of dipole moments and polarizability”, The Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol.123, 224310 (2005)
Contact Information:
Phone: 81(Japan)-75-753-4021
Fax: 81(Japan)- 75-753-4000
E-mail: kim + @kuchem.kyoto-u.ac.jp
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