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Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University

Kazuya Otsubo (Assistant Professor)

Field of Expertize
Solid State Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry
Research Interests
  1. Syntheses and electronic properties of novel mixed-valence ladder complexes
  2. Fabrications and functionalities of crystalline metal-organic framework nanofilms
Recent Representative Publications
  1. K. Otsubo, T. Suto, A. Kobayashi, R. Ikeda, M. Hedo, Y. Uwatoko, H. Kitagawa, Conducting Behavior and Valence Ordering of a One-Dimensional MMX-Type Coordination Polymer under High Pressure. Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., in press (2016).
  2. K. Otake, K. Otsubo, K. Sugimoto, A. Fujiwara, H. Kitagawa, Ultrafine Metal-Organic Right Square Prism-Shaped Nanowires. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 55, 6448-6451 (2016).
  3. S. Sakaida, K. Otsubo, O. Sakata, C. Song, A. Fujiwara, M. Takata, H. Kitagawa, Crystalline coordination framework endowed with dynamic gate-opening behaviour by being downsized to a thin film. Nature Chemistry, 8, 377-383 (2016).
  4. J. Taylor, T. Komatsu, S. Dekura, K. Otsubo, M. Takata, H. Kitagawa, The Role of a Three Dimensionally Ordered Defect Sub-lattice on the Acidity of a Sulfonated Metal-Organic Framework. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 137, 11498-11506 (2015).
  5. K. Fujie, K. Otsubo, T. Yamada, R. Ikeda, H. Kitagawa, Low Temperature Ionic Conductor: Ionic Liquid Incorporated within a Metal–Organic Framework. Chem. Sci., 6, 4306-4310 (2015).
  6. K. Otsubo, H. Kitagawa, Metal-Organic Framework Thin Films with Well-Controlled Growth Directions Confirmed by x-ray Study. APL Mater., 2, 124105-1-11 (2014).
  7. K. Otsubo, H. Kitagawa, Structural Design and Electronic Properties of Halogen-Bridged Mixed-Valence Ladder Systems with Even Numbers of Legs. CrystEngComm, 16, 6277-6286 (2014).
  8. K. Otsubo, A. Kobayashi, K. Sugimoto, A. Fujiwara, H. Kitagawa, Variable-Rung Design for a Mixed-Valence Two-Legged Ladder System Situated in a Dimensional Crossover Region. Inorg. Chem., 53, 1229-1240 (2014).
  9. T. Yamada, K. Otsubo, R. Makiura, H. Kitagawa, Designer Co-ordination Polymers: Dimensional Crossover Architectures and Proton Conduction. Chem. Soc. Rev., 42, 6655-6669 (2013).
  10. K. Otsubo, T. Haraguchi, O. Sakata, A. Fujiwara, H. Kitagawa, Step-by-Step Fabrication of a Highly Oriented Crystalline Three-Dimensional Pillared-Layer-Type Metal-Organic Framework Thin Film Confirmed by Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 134, 9605-9608 (2012).
  11. K. Otsubo, Y. Wakabayashi, J. Ohara, S. Yamamoto, H. Matsuzaki, H. Okamoto, K. Nitta, T. Uruga, H. Kitagawa, Bottom-up Realization of A Porous Metal-organic Nanotubular Assembly. Nature Materials, 10, 291-295 (2011).
  12. K. Otsubo, A. Kobayashi, M. Hedo, Y. Uwatoko, H. Kitagawa Pressure-Induced Consecutive Phase Transitions of a Metallic MMX-Chain Complex, Pt2(dtp)4I (dtp: C2H5CS2). Chem. -Asian J., 4, 1673-1676 (2009).
  13. K. Otsubo, A. Kobayashi, H. Kitagawa, M. Hedo, Y. Uwatoko, H. Sagayama, Y. Wakabayashi, H. Sawa, Most Stable Metallic Phase of the Mixed-Valence MMX-Chain, Pt2(dtp)4I in Purely d-electronic Conductors Based on the Transition-Metal Complex. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 128, 8140-8141 (2006).
Research Experience
2005 B.S. from Department of Chemisty, Faculty of Science, Kyushu University
2007 M.S. from Faculty of Science, Kyushu University
2010 Ph.D. from Faculty of Science, Kyushu University
2007-2010 JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC1)
2010-2012 Research Associate at Kyoto University
2012-2013 Assistant Professor at Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
2013- Assistant Professor at Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
Contact Information
TEL: 075-753-4036
FAX: 075-753-4036
E-mail: kazuya + @kuchem.kyoto-u.ac.jp
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